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Jag har i uppdrag av mina guidande kvinnor från Umeå universitet (NTI) att skriva en egen fan fiction novell av en karaktär från boken jag skulle läsa. Som jag har snackat om (här). Min novell handlar om en kille som heter Penny. Penny vaknar på morgonen med en väldigt massa bekymmer



Penny is a punker guy. He is very intelligent and does not play by any rules. He is a special kind of guy that does not fit in the social system that is set up. He is 180 centimeters with a red mohikan and most of all he likes to be alone. He has a feisty temper and dosen’t hesitate to punch someone if they do something that crosses Penny’s morals.

One day Penny woke up and he couldn’t see. He was inside his own head trying to wake his eyes but the eyelids would not open. He panicked and was trying to remember what he did the day before. He remembered that he put the tooth paste to his tooth brush, that he put it inside his mouth, nothing wrong there. What happened before that he is trying to remember, but the present is bringing him back and he can smell ammoniac somewhere in his room, What did I do? Before the brushing, what was I doing? Penny concentrates and goes into his memories again, step by step he remembers his tracks, I was out, I remember wobbling home all over the road, trying to see the middle and trying not to fall. I wished I was going to find my home and to get to my bed in time. His memory is cut off and he is back in present trying to figure out how to open his eyes. The smell of urine and vomit is strong and he had to turn and turn in his bed not to panic, what have I done? Once again he is remembering, from the blur in his mind there are some pictures becoming clearer by the minute. Before the walk home he sees a face. It is the face of his friend Quentin. Quentin and Alice are dancing, they are at the night club. He is drinking shots of tequila. He can even taste the tequila in his memory, suddenly he is back in his present time and he pukes all over his bed. He has now started to realize that he is hungover. He must have pissed and vomited all over himself in his sleep. This is bad, really bad. Today his mother is coming to visit him and he can not see, and if he can not see how can he clean? This is a day I wish I could skip. Isn’t there a spell for all this? Is there a spell to skip a day, to just fast forward? Maybe I can rewind yesterday and not drink so much. But how can I do this if I can not see? Another memory is coming into Penny’s head, It is clear as day and he can even smell the hair of that beautiful girl who sits infront of him in tech class. He stairs into the back of her head and is trying to imagine what it would feel like putting his fingers through her hair. He is in a cloud just being close to her. He snaps back to reality and vomits once again, this time onto the floor. But what about my eyes? He feels with his fingers and he can feel that they are swollen, that they have been scratched or something? He manages to get out of bed and is trying to locate the door out to the living room. He finds it and turns the door knob. When the door opens another memory is rushing in. After I brushed the teeth I remember walking up the stairs. On the top of the stairs he met the cat. It is not Penny’s cat it is his roommate’s. It is a black cat, he is violent and Penny never liked it anyway. He doesn’t believe those pretty eyes. His memory is bringing him back to when he sat down infront of the cat, looking it straight into the eyes and said. Why? Why are you living here? Why are you not like other animals? I see that you are smarter than us, so why are you here? The cat just smiles and started licking itself. Penny stood up. When he took a step to the door he slid on a toy car and fell forward knocking his head and left eye into the opened door, then fell to the right and hit his left eye to the door frame and instantly got blinded by the swell around his eyes. There next to him sat the cat and the cat started peeing and vomiting all over Penny’s room. This Penny can not remember says the cat and keeps on smiling.




Robert Johansson

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